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In The Age Of The Fit Bit: Monitor Your Health To Be A Better You

Ascribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi was the maxim, “Know Thyself.” From the maxim, Socrates expounded upon the adage and taught that – “The unexamined life is not worth living.” At the time, there were many thoughts and ponderings about the meaning, especially in regards to context of time and the implications of it in a larger view of the world and time – and rightfully so.  However, in this time of modernity, technology has taken this to heart… Literally and figuratively.

Modern technology is transcending almost every mold known to what is considered the conscious human being. And that’s saying a lot – the boundaries of who we are and what we are capable of is becoming less clear as the modern mind of mankind has begun to see past potential limitations and imagine a world that is more expansive than confined. One of the ways that this is taking place hits extremely close to home in the form of personal health and on that front line of technology and health is the Fitbit and the movement that it has spawned.

Healthcare has increasingly become a concern in this modern age, as nutrition and exercise, hydration and mental and emotional health have all come to take center stage and truly define how we perceive ourselves physiologically. There was a time when the everyday individual worked under the assumption that things in life – health especially – just happened to them, now there is the singular and encompassing thought that the individual can be proactive in monitoring their health and consequently taking care of your well-being.

Fitbits offer a chance to literally keep track of some of the most critical internal human mechanisms while at the same time engineering a path for projected participation of the individual to better themselves.  A person’s heart is literally the core of their physical body – keeping that beating and thriving is imperative to living. With cardiovascular disease and other potential heart issues that can arise, being able to monitor your heart rate even in the slightest can be extremely advantageous; factor in the tracking of sleep and the reminder of how important it is to the overall health of a person, and in just two ways, the Fitbit’s monitoring system supports and promotes potential betterment for the individual.

As conscious beings we’ve come to the point in our lineage as a species where understanding  our bodies, monitoring our internal systems of mechanism, and then being able to proactively respond to both is as easy as putting on a wristlet; it’s become trendy and truly part of the culture. Going back to the old adage and maxim – “To Know Thyself” has taken on a bold new exploration, one that allows the individual to examine themselves while still being in motion and moving forward. In a life that requires persistent moving, Fitbits may become essential.

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