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Retro Styling: The Return of the Turntable and Vinyl

Once upon a time, in a world very much like this one, in a time when the consumption of music was not as easily manufactured, nor was the accessibility of it something that was literally at your fingertips…  In what feels like a galaxy far, far away, music recorded onto vinyl albums and then played on devices of a significant size called turntables were common and very much a part of the overall culture of things. These vinyl albums and the turntable became part of a craft that was specific to DJ’s, who had the sublime task of giving the wondrous works of musical artists out to the world… It was a good time, a fun time, an era of music that was deeply appreciated.

And as fast as those vinyl albums used to be spun, both the vinyl album and the turntable vanished seemingly overnight, dismissed, or better yet vanquished, by what appeared to be a more advanced technological marvel – the compact disk aka CD. Soon, the digital age would usurp the CD and that too would go the way of the vinyl and subsequently, the turntable that they were played on…

But in a Jurassic-like advent, somehow, vinyl has made – and is making – a comeback and with it comes the nostalgic awesomeness of turntables.  But the question has to be asked? Why? Why now? Why have the turntable and the want for vinyl albums returned?

The answer lies in nostalgia. In many ways, nostalgia has become a cultural phenomenon that has begun to transcend the art world and all things considered pop culture. In this present age, postmillennialism if you will, what we find is that there is a desperate call towards restoration, revisiting, and rebooting. TV shows that ended decades ago are returning, movies that were magnificent in the past are being brought back with all the bells and whistles that this modern technologically advanced time can afford, and even style and dress from the eighties and nineties have started to resurface. And so, music and how we receive that music is also making a return – turntables and the vinyl album.

There’s no way to clearly say what prompted the second coming of turntables and vinyl, or anything else for that matter, but it is clear that people are more interested in what was nowadays than ever. Nostalgia seems to rule our perception of the world these days and thus our actions and what we consume as consumers. Whoever said you can’t go back home or get the good ‘ol days back has shamelessly been proven wrong. And maybe that’s alright.

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