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What The Tech: The Yoga Mat Laptop

Convenience. That’s what it’s about. Really though. There’s this thing inside all of us – well, not really a thing, but more of a biological system that coordinates with our actual chemistry and is encoded within our DNA – it’s called the sympathetic nervous system and its counterpart, the parasympathetic. These two functionalities are really the how in our existence, the true and sheer provocation by which we as human beings do things and operate and respond within our environment.

The sympathetic nervous system is all about the fight or flight mode of humanity, the internal mechanism that causes us to survive – mentally, emotionally, physically, even spiritually (which is part of both mental and emotional), while the parasympathetic allows us to step outside of ourselves, to observe and see the individual, the collective and group and how it all functions, fostering awareness. Generally, most people are in the default mode of the sympathetic, according to studies, but when both nervous systems are at play, balancing each other, some extraordinary occurrences take place – creativity bustles and inventions are birthed, and our fight to survive becomes more than a never ending war, but a path and plight towards advancement… Ways to make our lives easier and just possibly simpler.

And enter the Yoga Mat Laptop.

A laptop that rolls up just like a yoga mat. That is what is on tap in the next wave of computer tech. The marvel of technology is not just its capabilities but its role in human convenience. Imagine being able to do away with the cumbersome satchels and book bags that haphazardly carry your laptop from port to port… It’s called the Rolltop concept and in a nutshell it proposes an OLED display that is flexible and wraps around a column for transport. When needed as a tablet or laptop, it unrolls for functionality. The genius of this next wave of advancement is that it will essentially do away with the clutter of cables and carrying your device with a ragtag mesh of other items. Rather, the Yoga Mat Laptop, or Rolltop as it is called, will be cylinder-based in spectrum with a detachable top that acts as a power plug, and the carrying strap will also be a potential power cord. All of this convenience without losing features like camera, USB ports, and speakers.

As far as the fight for survival goes, in conjunction to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, humanity seems to be steadily moving forward, expanding on its previous accomplishments. This is what advancement is about – the making of things better, stretching the how we do things in an effort to reach out fullest potential, which often includes betterment and rendering the most complex things simpler.


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