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The Making of a Mogul: A Glance at Jay-Z the Businessman

Let’s seriously take a look at how Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z, the rapper and self-proclaimed God MC, Jay-Hov, turned the rap game into an almost billion dollar enterprise. Check out 4 Investments that considerably make Jay-Z a mogul:


4 – UBER

The God MC might not take Ubers, at least one would think with his flare and fame, it would be highly unlikely, but he does own a stake in the company that provides transportation for millions across the globe now. Yup, Mr. Carter invested in Uber’s 2011 Series B funding round when it was valued at around $300 million and since then it’s valuation has ballooned over 200 times garnering an increase to about 60 billion.


Not to be too stereotypical when it comes to rappers and those musicians of fame and notoriety, but poppin’ bottles is something that’s done – ‘cause you got the money to do it. And best believe, Jay-Z has the money to ‘pop’ bottles… But he also has the money to own the bottles that he’s poppin’. Jay-Hov in 2014 bought Armand de Brignac Champagne brand outright for somewhere around the $200 million dollar range. Since then, the company has released three new editions of champagne and one of Jay-Z’s favorite bubblies, Ace of Spades. Word is that Jay-Z doesn’t directly influence the day to day of the company and brand, but is known to have a few bottles on hand for any kind of celebration.


The landscape of music has changed tremendously. No longer is there a sprint to the nearest record store (wait, what’s a record store?!) or super-store like Walmart or Target to buy the newest and latest release from your favorite artist. Nope. Those days are long gone. Now, it’s all literally at your fingertips, a scroll or swipe away of an iPhone or some kind of tablet. Music and its consumption has gone viral in a way and it’s called Streaming. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to find out that one of music’s biggest names – Jay-Z is an owner of a service and platform that streams not only his music but a plethora of other artists that own a stake in the same idea and service. Jay-Z and others call this music streaming service, TIDAL.


Everyone knows about Jay-Z’s beautiful belle and wife, Beyonce, who in her own right, garners some debate about her world renowned beauty, but Jay-Z has stepped out of one brand of beauty and into another – literally – as an investor in Julep, a Seattle-based beauty products company founded in 2007. Since then, the company has been gained over $10 million in Series B financing and has other investors of notable fame: Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Lady Gaga. In 2016, Julep was bought by Glansaol, a new beauty and personal care company with very profitable ties to a former exec of Revlon, Alan T. Ennis. In this case and in this investment, one could argue that beauty is both skin deep and pocket deep.




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