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Personality Glasses And Why They Are the New Mood Ring

Come on, you remember them don’t you? Mood rings.Yea, people all across the world, especially in a America, at some point slid on those circular bewitching trinkets. During that time, they were a nuance, a metaphor of transcendent identity and a marker of how you were feeling — you could say that the world was different, that how you felt meant something and should mean something to everyone, but it’s very possible that you would be mistaken; that era, characterized genially as hippy-ish is uncannily similar to the present. Mood today matters. As a matter of fact there are numerous ways now a days for people to express who they are and what they feel –outside of mood rings. One of which does stand out, as it is right in front of our faces and eyes: Personality Glasses.

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Wearing glasses as a convention has become somewhat of a novelty. Before, eye glasses, were just a tool, and an often viewed hindrance bemoaned of necessity; the medicinal-glass apparatus’ sole purpose was to help one to see better, to improve sight. But modernity and its bustling culture has birthed the wearing of eye glasses into the realm of style. The wearing of glasses for sight isn’t even needed now with technological advances such as contacts and even laser surgeries. Very much like what mood rings were for a generation decades ago, eye glasses have become the delineating detail when it comes to showing the world who you are and what you’re feeling.

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Long gone are the times of just prescriptive glasses, now there are also for personality. What comes across to the world ranges from intelligence to confidence; coolness and casualness to sophistication and class. And while others see you and form their opinions about your look, something else happens — the wearer’s of the glasses self-perception begins to also be affected. The culminating event is very much like looking in a two-way mirror. In this era, this mode of modernity, the actuality of personality glasses is a hallmark example of how a whole culture of people are learning more about one another in a more varied and visual way whether it is fact or opinion. From this point, it is up to the same individuals to determine if what is seen is a good thing or bad.



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