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The Fall of the House of Usher/Pancakes (IHOP)

The world stood silent. Just for a moment. And…  “There was an iciness. A sinking, a sickening of the heart – an un-redeemed dreariness of thought which no goading of the imagination could torture into aught of the sublime…” Everything was about to change, and if anyone had been paying attention, this particular change wouldn’t seem so unbelievable despite it totally dismantling and upending a bedrock and staple of American dining – IHOP changing its name.

Edgar Allen Poe’s words from his short story “The Fall of the House of Usher” seems only fitting for the changing of guard and name that is taking place with one of the biggest names in modernity, the International House of Pancakes. To call it a fall, is to presume that there is indeed something being lost. That in itself is arguable, but what is not is that whenever something so well-known changes, the world, which is comprised really of many divisions of pop-culture and iconic meshes, takes notice and something inside this varied and diverse culture shifts. IHOP changing its name is another shift in the culture, something that at first glance many wouldn’t recognize as being too significant. But it is. Let me explain:

The world is changing. America is changing. And whenever the environment and atmosphere around you begins to change, the individual and groups of individuals, the collective, are forced to either adapt or remain stagnant, the latter always leading the other to be like the dinosaurs – extinct. What we are talking about borders on the line of Darwinism, the survival of species, but it bodes not just for living organisms but for possibly consciousness and energy itself, the life of events and actions, of business and economics as well as social order. A pretty famous colloquialism and adage is that change is inevitable. And that very well may be the case, but with every change there’s an equal reaction to that change.

So, the International House of Pancakes, IHOP, is becoming, IHOb. The ‘b’ stands for burgers, and as it turns out is just for a marketing campaign for its new burger and is only temporary. Nonetheless, the breakfast dining chain caught the world’s attention, and did so because it dared to venture into something that has become very common, a changing world, a place where mostly everything that was once thought untouchable, even sacred, is open for debate, alteration, and change.




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